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Moving of archives and libraries

According to a pre-arranged plan, Meta Top Movers moves your archives/library efficiently and accurately. We work with professional movers (who have the VOG-RP, and VOG NP-recognition) and the appropriate resources to perform the archival work carefully. We think with you and advise you about reusing racks, good coding and create a layout of your archive. Valuables, vital records, or special books receive our exclusive treatment, so you are guaranteed a perfect relocation. 

Temporarily or for a long period, you can store your archives and/or libraries in our highly secure and conditioned storage locations throughout the country. Please visit Archive Storage for more information. Meta Top Movers also has modern facilities available for managing your archive. This can range from cleaning up, searching, preparation and delivery, even up to sending documents by e-mail. We ensure that your goods are stored and managed under the most ideal conditions.

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