• “When moving, we take care of
    minimum standstill in your company!”

Special removals

As a reputable moving company we come across the most remarkable cases of removal. We regularly have to relocate it in very unusual circumstances.

Meta TopMovers is creative in coming up with good and practical solutions. Our knowledge and expertise, complemented by an extensive network of technology companies with specialized equipment, make sure every move is impeccably completed!

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  • BulletpointMore than 50 years experience
  • BulletpointProfessional Project Mover (PPM)
  • BulletpointISO-9001, ISO-VCA,
  • BulletpointISO Environmental 14001 
  • BulletpointAlso Storage, Facilities and Archive Services
  • BulletpointAffiliated with Top Movers
  • BulletpointHigh customer ratings