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Meta TopMovers is affiliated with Authorised Removal companies

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Meta Top Movers is affiliated to the Organisation of Recognised Removal companies. This means that Meta Top Movers meets certain quality requirements. You can be assured that your removal is in professional hands.

Moving with a Recognised Removal company provides several important advantages: 

BulletpointWarranty Certificate Recognised Removal company

Thanks to the warranty certificate of Authorised removal companies (in Dutch) you will receive a number of important warranties:

Bulletpoint 1. Comprehensive relocation insurance

As additional safety for your removal, your inventory is insured to an amount of €100.000. If an unfortunate accident should occur, your precious inventory is insured against damage or loss. The inventory is insured on the basis of its replacement value.

Bulletpoint 2. Comprehensive relocation insurance

If a Recognised Removal company goes bankrupt or is placed into receivership, the Organisation of Recognised Removal companies ensures that another Recognised Removal company completes your removal. Double safety for you!

Bulletpoint 3. Arbitration Committee

If, despite all the care taken by Meta TopMovers, you still have a complaint about the performance of your removal that we cannot solve together, you can submit your complaint to an independent Arbitration Committee. The Organisation of Recognised Removal companies guarantees compliance with the ruling of the independent Arbitration Committee.

Bulletpoint Vocational Training Removal College

If you are about to move, you will be entering a very busy period. Handing over control of your possessions is not always easy. Our movers handle your belongings discreetly and will always do their best to make your removal day a nice day to remember. Thanks to education, our movers are well trained in communication and in all other facets of the removal.

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