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4 Crucial moving tips for a smooth relocation

The end of every relocation is fantastic, but no one likes the journey to it. No matter how big the space is where you currently live: you always seems to have more belongings than imagined. This is why you should let a moving company help you, so only the fun part remains for you: decorating the new home. With these tips, your removal is complete in no time at all, and you can save money on the hours of the movers.

Moving tip 1: Look critically at your belongings

Scrutinize all your belongings. Your administration, clothing, all decorations and everything in the pantry or kitchen. The inventory that can already done before one box is even packed, is overwhelming. Old instruction manuals, shoes with holes and packets of rice with mouse droppings: throw them in the bin. Do you have good pieces of furniture that you no longer use, bring them to the recycling or give them to friends for a good second life.

Moving tip 2: Everything in arranged boxes

You can choose to let the removal company pack everything. In this case, you should make sure your furniture is already in the right room, so it is placed in the right room in your new home. If you pack the boxes yourself, label them. Start at number 1 and keep a list of what’s in each box, to which room the box belongs, and whether it contains breakables. Also keep track of boxes that are for one room, for example the kitchen, they can often go in one load.

A good example of how to number the boxes

• Number the moving box on the front so that the number is also visible when the boxes are stacked
• Name the room with the number of boxes (living room: 1 to 15, bedroom 16 to 20, etc.)
• Also give the contents of your cupboards a number
• Name any fragile items

Moving tip 3: Moving Materials

Moving materials such as boxes, removal boxes and removal blankets are available in different sizes for a reason. For example, book removal boxes are small in size so they never exceed twenty kilos. Therefor the moving tip of the century is to move with the right removal materials. Clothes on a clothes rack instead of in garbage bags and the contents of drawers neatly in a box and not in the drawer itself. Place the heaviest items on the bottom and important papers in your handbag, just like the keys to your new house.

Moving tip 4: Moving furniture

Besides all the little trinkets, the furniture also has to go to your new home. First take a good look at what you want to take with you. Do you replace your coffee table, then find a new home for the old one. Friends, acquaintances and second-hand stores love to pick these up. Then, start with the dismantling of the furniture. Carefully remove all screws with an electric screwdriver and place them in a sandwich bag. When the pieces of furniture are dismantled, tape the sanwich bag (with the screws) to the piece of furniture for good keeping.

TIP: Meta Top Movers helps with packing

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