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Moving materials

Move house on your own? Meta Top Movers provides you with the best moving materials, including packing materials, special assistance and transportation equipment.

Renting moving equipment rental

Are you moving? But don’t have the right moving materials? To ensure Both for a smooth move and for your own health and safety, it is essential to use supportive moving materials. Consider moving boxes, transport dollies and other handy tools. Starting the move well prepared with the right equipment is very important. A good start is half the battle.

Purchasing the right moving materials can be very expensive, and, you will only need the moving materials during the moving process, making the purchase of these materials unattractive. In this case, renting the moving equipment is the best option. You can rent all the moving equipment you need from Meta Top Movers. For the rental of these materials, we cooperate with Varodarent. Together we provide you with all the moving materials that will make your move easier, safer and more efficient.

Rent your moving materials

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What moving materials can you rent?

Meta Top Movers helps you get the best moving materials to make your move as flawless as possible. In cooperation with Varodarent, we rent out the following tools aids:

❍ Moving boxes (also for sale)
❍ Moving boxes
❍ Roller containers
❍ Furniture dogs / moving dogs
❍ Lift tables
❍ Loading and unloading tools

❍ Electric stair runner
❍ Pump trucks, trolleys and other carts
❍ Moving containers
❍ Move elevators
❍ Other moving aids

In addition to rental of various moving equipment, we are happy to advise you on which tools are best suited for your move.

Tools necessary during the move

During your move, you will need more than just enough moving boxes. For example, materials to make lifting large furniture easier should not be missing, you need blankets to protect valuable furniture with, and rolling containers to efficiently transport smaller items are not a luxury.

To make the move as smooth as possible, there are a number of factors to consider during the move.

Pack all items well

Preparing your move properly begins with packing all your belongings. It is best to store your belongings in moving boxes. These moving boxes  are specially designed for storing your (moving) belongings. This is because they are strong, easily stackable and self-closing. In addition, the they feature handles on the sides that make lifting easier.

The items you cannot move separately, such as CDs, dishes, clothes, tools and other small items, are best stored in the moving boxes. Large furniture is best transported directly or disassembled.

Protect your furniture properly

Before packing, provide items with a protective coating to prevent damage to your belongings. Small, breakable items, such as plates and other dishes, are easy to protect by using old newspapers or wrapping paper, for example.

Larger pieces of furniture such as televisions, coffee tables and your television cabinet also need proper protection. However, you cannot wrap larger furniture completely in newspaper. In this case, you can use moving blankets. You can place these blankets on the floor to avoid scratching the underside of the furniture. You can also completely cover the furniture with a moving blanket so that there will be no scratches anywhere.

Lift and transport your furniture efficiently

In many cases, lifting and transporting all the furniture and belongings is the most difficult part of a move. Not all items lend themselves to being lifted just like that, for example, a piano or sofa set. For this furniture, there are special moving aids such as trolleys, pump trucks or cabinet lifters.

Do you need to move a heavy piece of furniture that is not on the first floor, but on the second or third floor of your home? Then it is wise to use an electric stair runner or a moving elevator to do the jobduring your move.

In addition, furniture transporters (also called moving dogs) and roll cages can be used to ease some of the lugging and increase efficiency during the moving process.

Carefree rentals

Would you rather move completely carefree? Then let Meta Top Movers handle your entire move. Our movers and all-round handymen have handy moving tools that make the job much smoother. We take all the work off your hands, allowing you to focus on other things. With Meta Top Movers, your move is in good hands.

A complete move

Customised advice on the right moving materials

Know what moving materials you need for your move?

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