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The safety of your goods is guaranteed with Meta Top Movers’ Household Contents storage

Meta Top Movers’ Furniture Storage

You can think of plenty of situations where you are short on space. Storing your possessions (temporarily) is then no luxury. With the contents storage of Meta Top Movers you get to store your precious possessions under the most ideal conditions.

Despite being the removal company of Eindhoven we have secure storage facilities throughout the Netherlands. Chances are one of our locations is in your area. Do you have questions about how it works? On this page, we will take you through when you can take advantage of this and what the benefits are.

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When do you use contents storage?

Contents storage is useful in a variety of situations. Often people think this is only of interest when moving. We will show you at what times some extra space comes in handy:

  • You have sold your home faster than expected and the new home is not yet ready to move into.
  • There is a delay in the completion of your new home.
  • You are still remodelling. Storing your contents prevents your belongings from getting dirty or damaged.
  • When buying new furniture and your old furniture is in the way.
  • Even in a small home with little storage space, contents storage is ideal.

Space offers tranquility. You maintain an overview and are less likely to lose (valuable) items. Nor do you have to worry. With Meta Top Movers, your belongings are securely stored under the best conditions. Find out which contents storage location is near you.

Store your possessions during your move

The most common reason for using contents storage is when selling a house without finding a replacement home. But even a delayed completion of a new home or the failure of the purchase to go through are reasons where temporary extra space is welcome. Contents storage is a quick solution for your belongings.

Let us take care of things Get unburdened and get through the bridging period without peace of mind. Meta Top Movers offers option to store your household contents temporarily or for a longer period of time. Do you have valuable art or archives? If so, this requires different storage conditions. Thus, we offer art storage and archive storage to provide all your belongings with the care and conditions they need it needs.

Storage of household effects when renovating or remodelling

More and more people choose to renovate or remodel their homes. Consider situations where you want to make the home more sustainable or create more space. The last thing you want is for your contents to be covered in dirt or damaged. Then the option of contents storage comes in handy. But also with family expansion or when you don’t have space for possessions you want to keep. Do you want to use the contents storage for longer than planned? No problem. We immediately extend the lease term.

Content storage in case of a long trip

Travel, we can’t get enough of it. With the possibilities of flexible working, we see more and more people choosing to stay abroad for longer periods of time. Subletting homes is common but not always successful. Then it is smart to temporarily store your possessions. This way, you also don’t have to worry about anything happening to your belongings when you are abroad. With our security, we keep a close eye on everything. Meta Top Movers is also the right place for temporary rentals of your home without its contents.

Temporarily storing your possessions

Unpleasant situations also occur where you are forced to temporarily store your contents. For example, when there are relational problems or when a student moves back home because replacement housing is not yet available. When moving, you often only find out how much stuff you have. Temporary housing can be challenging. Meta Top Movers makes it very easy for you. Choose a temporary storage unit and move your belongings when you are ready.

Benefits of contents storage with Meta Top Movers

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