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Art storage

The safety of your goods is guaranteed Meta Top Movers’ art storage.

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Do you have valuable and precious art, but need to store it somewhere (temporarily)? Then storing your art at Meta Top Movers is an ideal solution. At Meta Top Movers, we store your art safely and under the right conditions, in a location of your choosing. Our secure art storage spaces can be found throughout the Netherlands, including in your area.

Want to expore our art stroingoptions for storing your art? This page tells you what storing art looks like with us. Do you have further questions or wish to receive advice? If so, please feel free to contact us.

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What requirements do our art storage spaces meet?

In addition to being known as the relocation company of Eindhoven, , we also specialise in storing art. Our storage facilities meet the highest safety standards and the perfect conditions for your art.

Temperature and humidity control

To maintain art quality, optimal temperature of the protected areas is important. Therefore, we cool and heat rooms at the times of need. In addition, there is continuous monitoring of humidity and we match it exactly to the room and the art.


The art storage areas could not be more secure. The rooms are equipped with cameras that record everything 24/7. In addition, there is recorded access control, so it is always known who, when enters the space.

Compartmentalisation and fire prevention

The storage facilities comply with all compartmentation and fire prevention regulations. This is to ensure that the risk of fire and possible damage is minimized. Therefore, you can store your art with confidence in one of our art storage rooms.

We facilitate management systems

In addition to art storage, we also facilitate management systems. Art management involves registering and maintaining the artwork. But what exactly is involved in this?

It starts by registering the owner of the artwork, along with the dimensions of the art object. In addition, we photograph the artwork and add these photos to the registration of the artwork. The management system also includes any packaging of the art.

It is also possible to outsource the selling of the artwork and leave it to us. We will post the artwork for you on a special site for sale. The final sale of the artwork is, of course, only by mutual agreement. Would you like to post the art with other desired purposes on a particular website? Let us know so .

When is art storage the ideal solution?

As with furniture storage, there are many different situations where (temporary) art storage is a wise solution.

Storing your art with Meta Top Movers ensures that you keep track and don’t lose valuable art. Your art is securely stored under the most suitable conditions, in a location near you.

Benefits of art storage with Meta Top Movers

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