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Moving insurance

Complete moving insurance with a move by Meta Top Movers

Meta Top Movers moving insurance

While relocating from one address to another, your entire contents are moved. Despite our movers treating your precious belongings with the utmost care, a small mishap is always lurking. For example, a piece of furniture may be damaged or stolen.

To ensure that any damage is reimbursed from insurance, it is important that your belongings are insured during the move. Meta Top Movers’ Certified Mover Erkende Verhuizer Warranty Certificate provides this extra security during the move. This insurance is taken out specifically for the period when you move from one address to another.

Certified Movers Warranty Certificate

We at Meta Top Movers take out comprehensive moving insurance for you, insuring your household contents up to an amount of €100,000. The moving insurance is offered as Guarantee Certificate Approved Mover. This method of insurance is offered only by moving companies affiliated with the Approved Movers seal of approval, such as Meta Top Movers.

With it Recognized Mover Guarantee Certificate you are all-risk insured within the Dutch borders. This means that damage to your contents caused by yourself will also be reimbursed. The amount paid out for stolen or damaged items is based on the new value of these items.

Why choose Meta Top Movers’ customised moving services?

Meta Top Movers is the moving company of Eindhoven. We handle both your private and business moves. You can also use us for additional moving services. The rental of moving materials or the using of the handyman service are among these services.

At Meta Top Movers…

What is the cost of moving insurance?

Are you interested in the possibilities of outsourcing your move to Meta Top Movers and would you like to take out moving insurance in the process? If so, please contact us to discuss your options. We will then make an appropriate quote for you, including the cost of any required insurance.

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