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Archive storage

Your archives are guaranteed to be secure with Meta Top Movers’ archive storage.

Meta Top Movers archive storage

Do you own valuable and important archives? And do you want to store it as securely as possible? Then archive storage at Meta Top Movers dis the perfect outcome. You should keep an archive for an extended period of time. This quickly comes at the expense of oh-so-scarce business space. Having your archive stored and managed externally is a good solution in that case. We at Meta Top Movers have modern facilities for safely storing and managing a wide variety of archives.

Curious about what storing your archive looks like with us? Find out the options on this page. In addition, do you have any other questions or would you like to receive personal advice? Please contact us.

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Why choose archive storage?

Business owners are required by law to keep certain parts of their records for at least seven years.

Documents you keep in archival storage are:

All the paperwork can quickly cause a lack of business space, making archive storage a great solution. Archive storage is a good solution if:

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Our archive storage spaces

In addition to offering complete relocations we are known for our diverse storage facilities. So too in the field of archival storage. Meta Top Movers offers you the ability to store both small- and large-scale and static and dynamic archives.

Our archive rooms meet the highest safety standards and the right conditions for your records.

Secure archive room

Meta Top Movers’ archive rooms are extra well secured. Records room monitoring and the traceability process are part of the ISO certification requirements. In addition, the records room meets the G-13 standard.

Climate Control

To maintain the quality of the archives, there is continuous climate control in the archive storage rooms. The rooms are cooled and heated and we monitor humidity.

Automated system

Meta Top Movers has modern facilities for both storage and management of archives. We process incoming archives using an automated system. Thus, we locate the documents easily and quickly.

Storage of different types of archives

It is possible to store both static and dynamic archives. By static records, we mean records that you no longer use for day-to-day business operations, but that you still need to preserve. Dynamic archives are archives that do still have relevance to daily business.

In addition, it is possible to store both small and large-scale archives with us. You can contact us for any amount of archive storage you need.

Archive Management

At Meta Top Movers, it is possible both to outsource archive management or manage the archives yourself. Do you choose to outsource records management? If so, this means we will classify the records room for you and provide it with the appropriate registration codes.

Own archive storage space

At Meta Top Movers, it is also possible to rent your own archive space. It means the entire archive is in-house. Only your authorized personnel have access to your records. In this case, you are assured that the documents are stored confidentially.

Benefits of archive storage at Meta Top Movers

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In addition to archive storage and other types of storage, it is also possible to take your move completely out of your hands. We will transport your furniture and in addition you can use our handyman service. Also providing a complete customised relocation is yet another possibility. Whatever your storage or moving needs are, contact us and we’ll discuss options together. Based on your needs and personal situation, we make an appropriate offer.

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