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Moving can be a challenging undertaking where the timing and logistical process don’t always match up. In addition to its various moving services, Meta Top Movers also comes to the rescue here.

Meta Top Movers understands each type of storage entails unique requirements. Whether storing personal belongings, business inventory, art collections or archives safely, your belongings are safely stored at Meta Top Movers at all times.

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The different storage options

With Meta Top Movers’ flexible storage options, you can store both your personal contents and business archives for both short and long periods of time. We have secure storage units nationwide, so there is always a storage unit near you.

Wondering what the storage options are? Find out here.

Furniture storage

Your precious personal belongings deserve the best care. Even if you only need to store them temporarily. Our contents storage facilities are secure and climate-controlled, making sure your furniture, appliances and personal belongings remain in perfect condition. Regardless of the storage period furniture storage is used for different types of situations. Consider a move where the new home is not yet ready. When purchasing new household contents where the old contents are in the way. Or for a small home with little storage space.

Office furniture storage

Businesses often need additional storage space for documents or office furniture. Meta Top Movers offers dedicated office inventory storage, with flexible options that can be tailored to the changing needs of your business.

In addition to the office storage possibilities, it is also possible to outsource office inventory management. So you can easily have furniture added when colleagues join or, conversely, furniture taken away when colleagues leave.

Art storage

Works of art require special care and conditions to maintain their beauty and value. Our art storage facilities are designed to meet the demands of artists, galleries and art lovers. With meticulous management of temperature, humidity and security, we make sure your art collection remains in optimal condition.

We also facilitate in art management. This includes registering, maintaining and, where necessary, selling art.

Archive storage

Archive storage services, to keep your documents and files secure and easily accessible. Our advanced systems help you organise and manage your archives. The archive storage rooms are all equipped with an automated system, including security and climate control.

Pallet storage

For companies with large quantities of goods or bulk inventory, Meta Top Movers offers pallet storage facilities that are flexible, cost-effective and safe. You can rely on our expertise in logistics and storage management to keep your goods in top condition.

The pallet storage areas are secure and heated and suitable for all kinds of different types and sizes of pallets.

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Benefits of storage with Meta Top Movers

At Meta Top Movers, we believe that storage is more than just storing things. It’s about providing peace of mind, flexibility and convenience to our customers. Whether you are looking for contents storage, office storage, art storage, archive storage or pallet storage, we have the perfect solution for you.

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