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International moving company

Are you moving internationally within Europe? All the thoThen it can be overwhelming what all you need to consider. Think about the paperwork, carefully packing your belongings and then transporting your belongings. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. Meta Top Movers also guarantees a carefree and smooth move internationally.

Moving internationally within Europe is easier with regulations within the European Union than moving outside Europe. Thus, there is (virtually) no delay at borders and customs. We usually move your possessions by road, rail or boat. We always coordinate this with you, bearing the schedule and your budget in mind. 

When moving internationally, it is important to pack your goods carefully for the long and sometimes bumpy drive. You can arrange this yourself. The advantage of an international moving company is that we pack all types of goods with high-quality and specific packing materials. Because our specialists move internationally every day, expect a this goes smoothly and quickly. We also provide your fragile contents, such as a piano or antique furniture, with custom-made emigration shuttering.

Let us take care of things, even handling of customs documents and administrative operations. With all-risk insurance, you are insured for the full replacement value from door to door. That’s moving internationally without the hassle.

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Intercontinental relocation and moving outside Europe

Are you planning an international move outside Europe? Then we recommend working with an international moving company. Simply because there is a lot involved and the way of transportation is so complex that good networks are important.

When moving outside Europe, you will have to deal with customs formalities and other laws and regulations. It is easier to have an experienced international moving company handle all the paperwork for you.

Also, have you thought about packing your contents? The various forms of transportation require that packing be done with great care and attention. The moving specialists at Meta Top Movers have not only the experience, but also the specialised knowledge. We also provide high-quality, specific packing materials for all types of goods.

As part of the partnership called Top Movers, we are members of some of the leading internationally recognized moving companies. This is how we make every international move go smoothly and flawlessly. In addition, you can count on the quality and service you have come to expect from us. We are distinguished by an efficient and modern approach. With the FAIM seal of approval in your pocket and affiliation with the world network FIDI Global Alliance, you can leave your household contents to our specialists with peace of mind.

Meta Top Movers uses an automatic track-and-trace system to track and monitor your household contents worldwide. Because it is equipped with modern communication equipment, you can request the status of your contents at any time.

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You don’t just leave your belongings to any international moving company. You want assurance that your belongings will be moved with the utmost care and attention. Whether it is a private relocation, a complex or compact business relocation, you are more than welcome. With Meta Top Movers, you leave your international move to a ‘Recognised removal company’.

Your benefits of moving with a licensed furniture transport company:

What does international moving cost?

Are you still hesitating to outsource your international move to a moving company? The costs should not matter. You also decide to what extent you want to be unburdened. That is why you will always receive a personalized quote from us, tailored to your specific international move.

The benefits of an international moving company

Curious about the cost of your international move? Get in touch for a no-obligation advice and a customized quote.

More information?

We understand that there is a lot on your mind when moving internationally. Don’t wait any longer and contact us. We will give you no obligation advice on your specific move. That way, you know immediately what to expect and where you stand. Also read the experiences of individuals and companies that have gone before you.

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