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Why choose to use a removal company?

Moving often involves a lot of costs. You might be wondering why you would choose a removal company rather than starts moving everything yourself. Of course you can always rent a van and move with the help of a few friends or family members. Yet moving with Meta Top Movers has quite a few benefits that more than cover the costs.

1. The costs of moving yourself
Including packing and unpacking, a move will take a few days. Therefor you will have to take days off. If your company works with a collective agreement, you may be entitled to a free moving day. That makes a small difference, but of course there still remains a lot of time you otherwise could spend on your new home. Family members and friends also have to take days off. You need to arrange transportation, provide food and drink, and in the evening arrange a take away meal to thank everyone. If you add it all up, you’ll see that the cost of moving, are much larger than expected!

2. Avoid physical injury
In addition, moving can be pretty heavy work. You won’t be the first one after moving, suffering from pain in back and muscles. For our movers it is a daily job. When you choose for a removal company, you will save a lot of time and physical complaints.

3. All relocation resources available
Meta Top Movers has all relocation resources necessary to make your move run as efficiently as possible. Clothing racks, wrapping paper, mattress covers or standard removal boxes, we have it. If you choose to move yourself, you will need to arrange all these things separately, on your own. One often invents all kinds of creative solutions, but our relocation resources are made for it. That saves time, frustration and damage to your property.

4. Guaranty and peace of mind
If you choose for a Recognised removal Company, you have the guarantee that your move will go ahead: whatever happens. So there is no risk of someone getting sick and not being able to help you. In addition, your move is fully insured for up to € 100.000. A television or washing machine which is accidentally dropped, it is quite expensive.

Tip: Meta also helps with storage!

Are confronted with a delayed delivery? Or staying temporarily with family or friends before you move abroad? Meta Top Movers can also help with adequate storage throughout the Netherlands.

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