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Business Removal

When moving, we ensure minimal downtime in your company!

Business & office removals

A compact business move or a complex office relocation. Meta Top Movers can handle any move for you, regardless of size and volume. Based on your requirements we will put a team of specialist together who will walk you and your company through the move, guiding, coordinating and executing. You will always know exactly who to turn to with questions and last minute changes.

More than 50 years experience

Professional Project Mover (PPM)

Also Storage, Facilities and Archive Services

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Smooth business removal

Of course a removal for your company and employees is always an exciting and taxing event. Can the continuity be ensured during a company move that includes the production department and is it possible to temporarily store inventory or goods when needed? These are questions that you, together with your expert team from Meta Top Movers, have no need to worry about. With our expertise, we know the problems and provide the appropriate solutions. Your company move runs smoothly, even if an unexpected temporary storage is necessary. We ensure that you can quickly return to work at your new location.

Office removal without worries

While you are busy with your business and its customers, you are worried about the business relocation. You wonder what to do with the office furniture, connections and accessibility during the move while you badly need your employees for the continuity of your business.

Through our experience we know these concerns, and that’s why we have developed our Handyman Service. This service can take over a lot of work around a business relocation. They (re)assemble the furniture, connect ICT equipment, do minor repairs and thereby ensuring an office removal without worries.

Have we awakened your curiosity or are you ready for an informative meeting, or is there a special business removal planned in the foreseeable future? Let us know and we will gladly pay you a visit at you premises, to discuss your removal.

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